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We are looking to partner with haskap growers across Canada, everyone is welcome, big, small, organic or conventional grower.

At Haskap Producers Inc., our grower members all receive the same pricing, and we work very hard to achieve the very best pricing possible for our berries.  To avoid any quality problem over time, we penalize growers with lower quality products.  Also, we reward and value each step of the supply chain.  And lastly surplus revenues, above operating expenses, are shared back with the growers on a pro-rata basis.

This is how it works:

Haskap Producers Inc. is responsible for

  • securing buyers for our crop
  • selling berries and/or products at best possible terms
  • freezing, cleaning, packing, doing quality control, sampling, and delivering according to each customer specification on top of Canadian Foods Inspection Agency regulation, Global Foods Safety Initiative standard and much more
  • while communicating/sharing and reporting back to growers monthly 

What are your responsibilities as a grower?

  • harvesting ripe berries, following best practices, ensuring optimum quality and pricing
  • delivering your fresh fruit promptly to a local freezer facility

Haskap Producers Inc. is committed to building an unparalleled Canadian group of haskap growers that are equally committed to their orchards, our collective success as growers and the haskap industry.  

Interested in becoming a grower partner? 

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