Advisory board

With the objective of making informed decisions and executing the best strategy in a transparent and fair way for the group, Haskap Producers Inc has set up an advisory committee in 2022.

This committee is made up of:

Joe Piotti

Joe operates a mixed 200 acre farm/woodlot in Nova Scotia managing Belted Galloway grass fed beef cattle, forest raised Berkshire pigs, pasture raised poultry, a certified organic haskap orchard, Christmas tree lot and woodlot. Before farming, Joe worked in the banking industries for over 35 years. Joe’s other agricultural service work includes serving on the Council of the Federation of Agriculture of Nova Scotia, and is currently president of the Haskap Marketing Group, a Co-op consisting of over two dozen farmers throughout the Maritimes.

Joe actively farms with his wife and two children. The family feels blessed to be improving the land while producing nourishing agricultural products to help feed Nova Scotian families and contributing to food security in the region.

Emmanuel Cameron

Over the past 9 years, Emmanuel Cameron has devoted himself to the development of Quebec’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, including the establishment of the first startup incubator in Montérégie: Le Garage & co. Thanks to his experience in economic development, acquired through his time at Futurpreneur Canada and on the APDEQ Board of Directors, he co-founded Continuums, a center for structuring projects in entrepreneurial innovation. Continuums promotes connections between startups and economic, political and academic players, with the objective of creating a model of innovation through entrepreneurship that will serve as a showcase for Quebec and Canada internationally.

David Desjardins

David Desjardins is Vice-President, Business and Corporate Development of ExCellThera. Previously, he served as Director, Regulatory Affairs, Innovation and Consumer Relations at Lassonde. He has over 20 years of experience in business development and legal advice for public and private companies and as an entrepreneur. A lawyer by training, he also completed a master’s degree in information technology law at the University of Montreal and is currently completing a certificate at Stanford University.

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